Intellectual Property

Our firm has an efficient and vibrant intellectual property department that negotiates property Rights agreements, handles trademark and patent, copyright application procedures as well as Assignment of use and renewal of marks.

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Corporate, Commercial Law, Corporate Finance, International Business And Investment Law

This area of practice encompasses a full range of legal services required by corporations and other business entities. Our law firm acts as counsel and company secretary for foreign and local corporates in Rwanda.

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Employment & labor law

We offer comprehensive, effective, progressive and innovative advice to a large and growing number of clients in all aspects of employment law in Rwanda including: general Employment Law; employee benefits; Unlawful Competition, occupational Health and Safety; and the drafting and review of employment documents, including Human Resource Manuals.

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Banking & Finance

Our firm has a highly experienced team of banking and finance lawyers and advises on all areas of banking and finance law from securitization, syndication, multi- lateral, corporate institutional lending to banking and finance litigation in Rwanda.

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Litigation & Arbitration

Litigation world over is a key area of legal practice. Our lawyers are well trained and experienced in This regard, offering quality and skillful services to a variety of clientele.

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Real Estate & Management

We advise our clients in real estate acquisition for national and foreign/finance. Due diligence, property management, real estate contracts.

Immigration law

Immigration law refers to the set of laws, regulations, and policies that govern the entry, stay, and departure of individuals from one country to another.

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Insurance Law

Insurance law is a set of legal rules and principles that regulate the insurance industry and govern the relationships between insurers and policyholders.

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Legal Translation

We have qualified legal translators who perform legal translation of several legal documents not limited to agreements, contracts, articles of association, legislations, wills, and several others documents.

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Liquidation and re-organizations

Our lawyers are experienced liquidators and administrators with wide range of experience; they have been successful in very many landmark cases in this field.

Mergers and acquisition

We negotiate and draft legal documents on behalf of companies and business asset and disposals, transaction advisory and management service, private equity investment, management buy-outs.

Government business and policy and non-governmental organization

Our lawyer serves as private consultants to government business, government institutions and on specific government project, we offer this service o intergovernmental organization, international organization and even non-governmental organizational.

Energy, mining and infrastructure

We deliver service to mining companies and energy projects either renewable or non-renewable projects and all other areas of practice related to this.

Real estates

We provide legal support to our clients in disposing and acquiring real estate both on commercial and residential properties.

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